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CPP31418 Certificate III in Close Protection Operations

Striving To Pursue a Career Protecting Vulnerable and High-Net-Worth Clients?⁣

Then our Close Protection Operations course might be for you.


Realistic scenario-based training isn’t something you can get online. ⁣

Although, it is a point of difference employers will value reading within a stack of resumes. ⁣

Learning from trainers who have real-world experience is how we prepare you for employment. ⁣

Take our trainer Mick for example, who spent years working as part of a Special Tasks and Rescue Unit. ⁣

Who’s been producing high-calibre Tactical Training graduates over the last 4 years. ⁣

So, where better to go than Adelaide’s most awarded Security Training RTO?



 To Be Eligible to Attend

You first need to have completed the Certificate II in Security Operations course, and understand how to: ⁣

☑️ Provide basic first aid. ⁣

☑️ Assess risk and respond accordingly.⁣

☑️ Deescalate conflict using communication.⁣

☑️ Conduct patrols and maintain the security of a premises. ⁣

☑️ Protect yourself and others by using defensive techniques. ⁣

These are just some of the skills taught.⁣

Although, to become a CPO you will have to take the next step up.



Becoming a Close Protection Officer (CPO)⁣

Close Protection Officers are leaders. ⁣

Great communicators who are alert to risk. ⁣

They have integrity when no one is looking and use initiative and decisive judgement when pressure is high. ⁣

They earn trust and respect from their peers by being good at what they do. ⁣

Protecting People.

There's a lot that goes into it.⁣

During a Close Protection Operation, communication is the key to maintaining awareness of the principal's movements and surroundings.⁣⁣

Each team member has a role to play in the success of every operation; with great training to fall back on if things were to go pear-shaped.⁣⁣

A CPO operates effectively by pre-empting risk and making near-instant decisions.⁣

It's experiences and skills like these that create a CPO who is respected by their team and ⁣valued as an in-demand asset by employers.


These are some of the traits valued within a Close Protection Team:⁣⁣

 ◻️ Team Player ⁣⁣  ◻️ Decisive⁣⁣
 ◻️ Confident⁣⁣  ◻️ Ambitious⁣⁣
 ◻️ Resourceful⁣⁣  ◻️ Positive⁣⁣
 ◻️ Hard Worker⁣⁣  ◻️ Self-Improver⁣⁣
 ◻️ Communicator⁣⁣  ◻️ Initiative Driven⁣⁣

And why some of the positions below might spark your interest...



The Moving Pieces of a Full-Scale Close Protection Operation

Team Leader (TL)⁣
- Manages the protection team from a distance and liaises with clients.⁣

Second In Command (2IC)⁣
- Assists the TL with strategising and managing the protection team.⁣

Personal Protection Operative (PPO)⁣
- Protects the principal within closest proximity and controls their movements.⁣

Personal Escort Section (PES)⁣
- Provides a safe environment by blending in and scanning for threats.⁣

Security Advance Party (SAP)⁣
- Ensures that all travel routes and venues are clear and secure in advance.⁣

Residential Security Team (RST)⁣
- Maintains the secure integrity of the residence and monitors access control.⁣

Personal Security Detail (PSD)⁣
- Specialises in the art of advanced warfare within hostile environments.⁣

Individual Body Guard (IGB)⁣
- A single CPO that works in lower threat circumstances.⁣

Combat Medic (CM)⁣
- Provides immediate treatment capability to the principal and team members.⁣

Security Driver (SD)⁣
- Responsible for vehicle maintenance. Also, highly trained in evasive driving.⁣

Quick Response Force (QRF)⁣
- This team is held in reserve, ready to respond to an incident at a moments notice.⁣

As you can see, during a full-scale Close Protection Operation there are many teams with different skills required to make things work.⁣ Each role suited to agents with different strengths and weaknesses.


Certificate III in Close Protection Operations

To attend this course, you will need to have first completed the Certificate II in Security Operations course ⁣✔️⁣

This is to provide you with the foundations you need before enhancing and building upon them during our Certificate III in Close Protection Operations course.⁣

Here's some of what you'll learn:⁣

☑️ Designing a solid close protection security plan ⁣

☑️ Performing advanced risk assessments ⁣

☑️ Coordinating client movements and strategic travel routes ⁣

☑️ Managing conflict by using verbal negotiation tactics ⁣

☑️ Controlling persons using empty hand techniques ⁣

☑️ Anticipating and responding effectively during emergency situations ⁣

☑️ Practice what you’re taught in realistic scenarios designed by our specialist trainers. ⁣

On completion of the course, you will be eligible to add the bodyguarding endorsement to your security license.



Who You Might Find Yourself Protecting:⁣

Celebrities – Mass attention makes for a high probability of risk. ⁣

CEOs and Executives – Making million/billion-dollar decisions makes you a prime target.⁣

Victims of Domestic Disputes – People do crazy things because of jealousy and possession.⁣

Transporting Valuables – Being intercepted during transit is more likely than when static. ⁣

Targets of Attention – Witnesses of crime, lottery winners, and other sudden attention grippers are at risk!



CPO Employment Opportunities⁣

In the CPO world, your level of ambition will either open or close doors for you. ⁣

And your level of professionalism will determine whether or not you’ll be called back to work with more clients. ⁣

If you look in the right places, ask the right questions and demonstrate the right qualities, you’ll soon find a way into the industry and earn your place. ⁣We'll also do the best we can to assist you as much as we can.



Students Testimonials

| Certificate III in Security Operations Graduates - 28 May 21

Download the PDF:   pdf Certificate III in Close Protection Operations (413 KB)


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Please note: Occupational security licensing requirements vary in different states.

Always check with local security licensing authorities for details or contact us to discuss this further.⁣

Student Visa Holders: Tactical Training (Australia) Pty Ltd is not a CRICOS Registered Training Organisation and cannot enrol people who are visiting Australia on a Student Visa. Refer to Terms & Conditions for more information.


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