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Female Security Guards

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Have you ever wondered if a career in security is right for you?

It’s no secret that women are making their way into and stamping their mark on the security industry.

In what was traditionally considered a male-dominated profession, to some, this might sound strange, unsafe even.

Why would a woman want a dangerous, first responder job, working alongside a bunch of surly colleagues?

Admittedly, in the past, the role of the typical security guard was seen as being limited to big, beefy, scary-looking male bouncer types, with seemingly little going on between the ears.

Nowadays (thankfully), we’re seeing a change for the better, and women are breaking down gendered career paths in many first responder areas – and the security industry is no exception.

But we’ll be honest, there are still many misapprehensions about women working in the security industry, some of which are just not true. Things like:

- You have to have the physique of a bodybuilder

- You have to be tall

- It’s a “man’s job”


Truth be told, the role of a security officer is less about kicking intoxicated and unruly people out of a venue and more about monitoring and preventing disorderly behaviour.

So, if you think that women don’t have a future in the security industry, think again! Employers are actively looking for female security guards.


Because (generally speaking) women possess a different approach to conflict management, which allows them to handle difficult and sensitive situations in calm yet authoritative ways, without the need for physical intervention.

Plus, there are many instances where it’s easier to walk up to a female security guard and ask for help than it is to approach a male counterpart.

For example, if a woman in a nightclub is being harassed or is having issues with her partner, it can be easier for her to reach out to a female security guard than a male one.

It’s also (legally) important that frisk searches at airports and venues are carried out by officers of the same sex as the person being searched.


So, what makes female security guards an asset to the security industry? 

Point in case: becoming forceful or physical when dealing with rude or aggressive customers and patrons is almost always guaranteed to make a situation worse.

Being a good female security officer is less about having muscles and more about having the skills to manage people.

And women are usually rather adept at handling heated situations thanks to skills like these:

Skill #1: Interpersonal and communicational skills 

Whether you’re carrying out a security operation, integrating a new security product or running a training course, having strong interpersonal and communicational skills is key when working in the security industry.

After all, it’s through communication alone that we can build great work environments and defuse conflict.

Thanks to their more intuitive nature, women are generally more willing to listen and to offer reasonable solutions quickly and efficiently. The emotional intelligence of females in the security industry makes them excellent communicators and, thus, exceptional at problem-solving and risk management.

Skill #2: Empathy and understanding 

It’s common knowledge that most women are naturally more empathic. Their ability to tune in to how other people are feeling allows them to expertly tackle difficult situations – which is what the role of a security officer is all about!

Note: being empathic does not mean becoming emotionally involved (that would only invite trouble and be unprofessional). As a security guard the job is to de-escalate and resolve a situation amicably for a positive and safe result.

Skill #3: Multi-tasking and attention to detail 

It’s true that many women are masters at multi-tasking and have an eye for detail – qualities that make them excellent candidates for surveillance and risk management and assessment work.

Whether it’s analysing a situation, working in a team, or keeping queues flowing, you can count on female security guards to stay on top of their duties while keeping everyone safe and secure.


Women: the security industry needs you! 

Have you considered working in the security industry? At Tactical Training, we welcome all women who are looking for something new and different to join the fast-paced, flexible, and social work environment that the security industry offers.

And while women still face a lot of struggles in the workplace, the world and people’s mentality is rapidly changing.

So, heads up, the security industry is on the frontline of the future, offering women rewarding and fulfilling careers.

To discover more, check out our security training courses in Adelaide.

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